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PHP means Hypertext Pre Processor, earlier it stands for Personal Home Page. PHP is an Open Source Programming Language which can design Web Application to any extent. With PHP Language you can make Dynamic Websites, Dynamic Websites are those websites which are connected to Database means all the information the web page is showing is coming from the Database. And further the information can be added to the Database from Admin Panel created through this language.

PHP is very much in Demand these days, and it is getting popular because of its easiness to learn and code, and because it is an Open Source Platform. There are lots of popular websites which uses PHP like:


No doubt along with PHP these websites uses other language as well like Java, ColdFusion, and ASP.NET, but PHP is used as Majority.

So What experience you should have before to Learn PHP?

It will be very much better if you are familiar with any Programming language before doing PHP, as it will become very easy & interesting for you to learn. If you have done C, C++ in your school or college time then you can learn PHP very much easily. And if not then its not that hard, but a little practice efforts are required as it is your first programming language.

How much time it will take to Learn PHP Language?

We promise you will never say that you have learn the language completely, it is that much vast & big, if you are coding for the projects you will learn new things every time.

But for Instance, You can learn the Basics & Advance Concept of PHP in the period of Two Months, with the MYSQL as the Database.

And after learning this Course is followed by 1 Live Project which we will give to you to gain Practical Coding Experience.

PHP –  2 Month Course Includes:

MySql Database
Ajax Basics
1 Dynamic Live Project



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