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Learn Web Designing in Ludhiana – Web Designing Training Course in Ludhiana – Professional Web Designing Course


Today there is still most of businesses are such which do not have websites! And there are many such which requires continuous development, changes and upgrade to the website. So this is a very booming industry currently if you are looking for a career in Web Designing. You can get very good package in MNC’s if you expertise your skills in Web Designing and have good experience in creating Web Projects of many kinds.

Web Designing does not only mean adding up some photographs and text onto a page. But there are lots of things technically which determine the Quality of the page on Internet & to the Users. The website must be very User Friendly to the user, Compatible on all the Browsers, Devices such as Laptops, Computers, TAB’s, Smartphone’s etc. and more over it should be properly recognize by the Search Engines like Google, so your site can be listed out there if someone searches it.

Just keep in mind, the website which is not made correctly technically cannot have a good stand on Internet. And the one which is technically good, Appealing and Attractive, will gain more audience on Internet, which will result bring more Sales & Profit to that business.

We at Maskeen Webs teach all the technical points & market strategies to our students so that they can become professional Web Designer’s. So that when they get into the industry for the Job or Work they must know how to handle the Live Projects.

At Maskeen Webs we teach 99.9% things Practically, and this is Guaranteed. We have one brilliant rule, if someone is coming to learn at our place, we believe that the student must be capable of Designing a complete website by self before leaving the training. That is why for our Students who join the courses; at the end we enroll them in the Live Project. Where they learn how to handle the customer demand, and create a website according to the Customer Requirement.

In this course you will learn the Art & Skill to Design the Websites, we will teach Following skills in this 2 Month Course:

  1. HTML
    Learn the Basics, Advance web page structure
  2. CSS
    Learn the formatting techniques and properties
  3. JavaScript
    A client side scripting for validating & programming purposes
  4. JQuery Integration
    Integrate slideshows, animations & attractive components in a webpage
  5. Dreamweaver
    Learn to Build Website through a Advance Web Designing Software
  6. Photoshop
    Learn A Powerful tool to create or edit Beautiful Pictures & Objects for a Web Page

And One Live Project is given to the student as soon after the completion of the course so that student can gain the experience a handling and delivering the website according to customer requirements.

We are the one of Best Institute for Learning Web Designing in Ludhiana.

The Best Part is if you come to us, Remember! You are Joining a Web Designing Company for Learning where Expert Designers and Trainer are around you always to assist you, and who have Work Experience of creating many Live Projects throughout the Globe.

We promise the Best Education for Web Designing with very Nominal Academic Fee
~ Harsimran Singh (Director/Web Trainer at Maskeen Webs)

Join! Learn! Excel!



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